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Explore our range our shutters in Medway for elegant and timeless aesthetics.

Beautiful Shutters in Medway

At Inspiration Interiors our shutters are manufactured and installed with care and superior craftsmanship, using hardwood materials for a luxurious and durable window styling solution. Tailored to your windows or doors specific dimensions and design, our shutters ensure a perfect and unique fit every time. Crafted from Basswood, Pine, or White Ash, our shutters provide a classic and elegant appearance while guaranteeing outstanding durability and insulation.

For bathrooms, we suggest UPVC shutters because of the materials excellent moisture and water resistance properties.

White shutters in neutral bedroom

Wondering Why To Choose Plantation Shutters?

  • Added Privacy
  • Effective Light Control
  • Enhance Security
  • Enjoy Timeless Aesthetics
  • Experience Added Insulation

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Helping you choose the perfect style for your home in Medway

At Inspiration Interiors we help guide you in choosing the perfect shutter style for your home through an informative and personalised approach. Choosing window shutters can be overwhelming, but with our extensive range, including full-height, cafe style, tier on tier, and bespoke shapes, you’ll find the perfect fit to transform your house into a home.

Our process involves understanding your interior design preferences, discussing desired light controls and functionality and emphasising the benefits of customisation.

Find out more on how to customise your window shutters.

window shutters design and customisation options

Our Craftsmanship in Medway

We take pride in the quality of our installation when installing our shutters. Unlike conventional methods, face fixing our shutters and scribing trim eliminates the necessity for excessive filler, accommodating windows of varying levels and straightness. Our process not only ensures a neater appearance but also redirects attention away from uneven window levels, sparing you the need for unsightly gap fillers.

Our interior window shutters range

toddler bedroom with white shutters

Bay Window Shutters

Bay windows are part of architectural history which is why they are so beautiful. The shutters follow the contour of your window to ensure a seamless fit regardless of the shape or angle.

Full Height Hardwood White Kitchen Shutter Kent

Full Height Shutters

Full height shutters give coverage from the top to the bottom of the window. Commonly fitted with a split tilt mechanism, allowing you to alter the top section of the shutter independently from the bottom. They give a truly bespoke feel without compromising on light or privacy.

CAFE Style Shutters in a bedroom in Kent Home

Cafe Style Shutters

Cafe style shutters only cover the bottom half of a window, which provides privacy but also maximises your natural lighting. Traditionally these style shutters are found on sash windows, but they also bring a unique way of adding style to modern homes.

Tier on Tier

Tier on Tier Shutters

Tier on tier shutters provide a versatility no other window dressing can match. The shutter covers the entirety of the window/door but the top and bottom panels can be operated separately. These shutters are fast becoming one of the most popular styles due to their functionality.

white tracked hardwood shutters on patio doors

Track System Shutters

These shutters are perfect for any window/door where a long length of shutter is needed such as patio, bifold doors or room dividers. The shutters are hung from Aluminium tracks instead of being hinged from either side, which provides perfect support for easy opening.

UPVC white bathroom shutter in Kent bathroom

UPVC Shutters

UPVC shutters are perfect for rooms with high moisture and humidity levels. Our shutters are made from waterproof, FSC certified and sustainably sourced materials. Providing the perfect balance of privacy and lighting whilst still bringing significant airflow, they are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

Shapes Shutter

Shaped Shutters

Shaped shutters can beautifully match almost any type of window. From arched to circular, gable to oval, these are the perfect solution for unique window types.

French Door Cut OUt

French Door Cut Out

French or patio door shutters are physically attached to the door. The frame is designed with a cut-out around the door handle so that it does not interfere with the ease of use.

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Shutters with built-in blinds

If you are looking for a perfect night’s sleep, our shutters with built-in blackout blinds are the solution. The blind is built within the shutter frame resulting in a discrete finish. When the blind is open it is not visible from either the inside or outside.

“Throughout our project Inspiration Interiors worked with us to deliver us a product and service that was completely tailored to our requirements. From the start Lewis made us feel comfortable and secure of the high level of service we were to expect and worked cleanly and efficiently throughout the short time it took for him to undertake the installation of our shutters, which were expertly installed and with a professional finish. We would happily recommend their services. ”

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